New Ideas

A Vision For More

After 25 years of growing the finest roses in the world, Rosaprima decided to venture into the world of specialty flowers. So in 2019, expert growers and engineers set out on a new journey to produce the best quality flowers on the market all year round.

The Dream Begins

Altura Highlands

Floraprima found the ideal location for producing quality flowers in the Altura Highlands at Cayambe, Ecuador. The region’s incredible variation in altitude in a single location creates micro environmental niches with ideal growing conditions for delicate flowers to thrive and bloom year-round.


Innovation & Development

Specialty flowers are unique and often rare, making them highly sought after in the floral industry. By working closely with growers, we are able to ensure that each flower is grown and cared for to its fullest potential, resulting in exquisite blooms that are second to none.

First Products

Ranunculus & Anemones

After a long period of rigorous testing, stringent quality
checks, and different growing methods, Rosaprima welcomed two stunning new products into their luxury collection: Elegance Ranunculus and Mistral Anemones.


A World of Beauty

Our quest to produce the finest flowers on the market has begun. Ranunculus and Anemones are just the start! We welcome you to discover the beauty of Floraprima and experience the iconic blooms for life's extraordinary moments.


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