Announcing Floraprima, the New Rosaprima Brand.

Since Rosaprima's inception in 1995, our focus has been to master rose-growing. Over the past two decades, dedicated to quality, ingenuity and a passion for beauty, we have produced some of the most luxurious roses available on the market.

In recent years, Rosaprima noticed a demand within the industry for specialty flowers that were seasonally grown in countries like Italy and Holland. Our farms, located at a high altitude within the Andes mountains of Ecuador, have ideal conditions for growing a plethora of different flowers, not just roses.

In 2019, with knowledge and expertise gleaned from 25 years of experience growing the world's finest roses, Rosaprima embarked on an exciting new venture. Our team of expert growers and engineers initiated the audacious journey to produce the best quality flowers. And so Floraprima was born.

By working closely with growers, we are able to ensure that each flower is nurtured to reach its fullest potential, resulting in exquisite blooms that are second to none. After a long period of rigorous testing of different growing methods and stringent quality checks, Rosaprima welcomed two stunning new products into their luxury collection: Elegance Ranunculus and Mistral Anemones.

Floraprima’s home is in the heart of the Altura Highlands of Cayambe, Ecuador. The region's extraordinary variation in altitude offers microenvironmental niches where these specialty flowers can thrive throughout the year. Ranunculus and anemones are unique and often rare flowers making them highly coveted in the floral industry.

Our quest to produce the finest flowers on the market has begun. Ranunculus and Anemones are just the start! We invite you to discover the beauty of Floraprima. 

Take a look at our exquisite flower collection here.

We stand on the brink of an exciting new journey. With Floraprima, the future of luxury florals has arrived.

Floraprima - a word for beauty!

Welcome to this new era.

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